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Our Performance-Based Model

Search agencies are notorious for taking all of the cash & none of the risk. The industry has a stigma for being over priced & completely removed from the value it promises to create. Traditionally, search agencies have deployed subscription business models & enjoyed handsome monthly fixed retainer contracts. These agencies have justified their billings via recorded time sheets, backlinks, media coverage reports & Google rankings. Yet, these metrics are removed from their client’s core business KPIs & guarantee no financial ROI. Whilst “outputs” are always provided, whether or not they drive financial value is rarely in the minutiae of contractual agreements. We believe this model is unsustainable & rather than play a part in this unaccountable mess, we’ve been testing a very different way of doing things.

We feel it's our responsibility to deliver what is needed at a business level. What we are aiming for is a shift in focus. Instead of focusing on the time spent on a project, we focus on the value we create. Most agencies, unfortunately, view pricing as antagonistic: a win-lose relationship with customers in that what one party gains the other loses, or so goes the weakly held assumption. Our performance-based model creates complete alignment between buyer & provider goals. It ensures that our clients will only ever pay a quantifiable percentage of the commercial value our work drives.

How we quantify the value of our work...
  1. Total profit added
  2. Cost savings
  3. Increase in organic revenue
  4. Increase in organic conversion rates
  5. Increase in organic growth share

How other agencies justify their billings...
  1. Increase in organic traffic
  2. Time sheets
  3. Rankings
  4. Number of links generated
  5. Media coverage reports
"In today’s global business environment, customers perceive more & more products & services as commodities. It is therefore vital for us to measure, quantify & prove the value of our work."
Luke Haslett

For us, it comes down to courage. Courage to put your money where your mouth is. Courage to have skin in the game.

At iakoe we’ve learned to manage the risks of our model by “cherry picking” our client engagements. If you’ve a project in mind & you would be interested in potentially working together, let’s have a chat…

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