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Iakoe x YSE

Web design


Molly Simms engaged us to rethink the UX of YSE Beauty's website to ensure it was optimized for conversion ahead of the brand's launch in April 2023. Here’s a breakdown of a number of the tactics we deployed...



YSE’s product formulas are rooted in the highest quality ingredients & cutting edge science. Often brand’s struggle to balance UX & articulating the science underpinning their products which can lead to PDP’s that are overly text heavy & have poor mobile usability. We opted to use icons to make it easy to understand each product’s use cases & optimised the accordion’s with longer tail keywords to with a specific focus on “How to use” section. Simultaneously, we integrated the ClearForMe app that enables users to quickly navigate to view more information about each ingredient contained within each product's formula.



Skincare is arguably the most competitive category in eCommerce & the competition is growing year on year. We knew that we needed to launch the PDPs with social proof signals that proved the superior quality of the products with compelling before & after examples (which are still the gold standard of social proof in skincare). We designed the PDP with 3 points of social trust by combining the brand’s before & after assets, survey results & reviews to immediately build trust & decrease any purchase hesitation that a user, unfamiliar to the new brand may have.



We designed the skin quiz as a central component of the website’s UX. User’s that interact with quizzes have a significantly higher intent to purchase & we wanted to capitalise on this by making personalised product recommendations specific to each user’s needs & pain points (along with collecting emails to support the brand’s retention strategy). The skin quiz has converted at 6.5% since launch & continues to be the brand’s highest performing funnel.



We recommended that YSE leverage the mini-cart to enable users to add two free samples to each purchase. Strategically, this enables them to unlock more value from the mini-cart functionality. Firstly, it provides users with the opportunity to test products they hadn’t previously purchased & secondly, it can be used to build awareness of new products during new launches to increase penetration rate.



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