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Rethinking Growth

  • Technical audit
  • Website optimisation
  • Keyphase mapping
  • Content strategy
  • Outreach & engagement
  • Monthly reporting

Born out of an interior design practice, Houseology launched in 2010 with the goal of demystifying the design process & making sourcing & choosing designer products for the home both easy & enjoyable. By carefully curating collections from the world’s finest brands, Houseology empowers everyone to make confident design decisions & to unlock their own inner designer.

Prior to engaging our services, Houseology’s organic traffic was in decline. They had previously experienced strong organic growth but the site hadn’t benefited from any technical SEO work, & the sprawling category content hadn’t been optimised in quite some time.

Their backlink portfolio had flatlined, & while they were earning high quality traditional press & editorial links, they weren’t improving the diversity of their link profile with a wider range of sources. Organic traffic was falling as were the number of referring domains in their backlink profile.

We were engaged to overhaul the site from a technical standpoint, optimise content & migrate their blog platform from a clunky, archaic custom CMS to Squarespace.  We dove straight into a 141 point technical audit of the site that was designed according to their e-commerce platform, tool usage & theme optimisations.  We structured the audit into 3 sections - Analytics, Indexation & On-Page & prioritised our proposed actions by their projected impact upon our KPIs.

We focused on expanding their backlink profile with business & innovation features, promoting their new visual search tool & highlighting the cutting edge technologies that they were deploying on site.

The technical overhaul  combined with our backlink building campaigns exceeded deliverables & unlocked organic revenues that were previously limited by aged technology (55% uplift)

Work With Us

Most agencies, unfortunately, view pricing as antagonistic: a win-lose relationship with customers in that what one party gains the other loses, or so goes the weakly held assumption.  Our performance-based model creates complete alignment between buyer & provider goals.  It ensures that our clients will only ever pay a quantifiable percentage of the financial value our work drives.   For us, we feel it’s our  responsibility to deliver what is needed at a business level.  We pride ourselves on our ability to measure, articulate & prove the value of our work.  Our clients pay for performance & nothing more. 

If you’ve a project in mind & you would be interested in potentially working together, let’s have a chat…