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Search & Rescue

  • Migration recovery plan
  • Technical audit
  • Website optimisation
  • Keyphrase mapping
  • Content strategy
  • Outreach & engagement
  • Monthly reporting

Pavilion Broadway was founded in the picture-book countryside village of Broadway in the heart of the Cotswolds. Since opening in 2008, the company has grown from strength to strength through its showroom & website avenues, developing its own unique contemporary style.

In 2018, following a UX/UI design overhaul & a tricky migration to a new platform, their e-commerce business had lost a considerable amount of traffic & authority which had a significant impact on revenue, showroom footfall & telephone orders.

Pavilion Broadway engaged us to recover their lost rankings, build a more diverse backlink profile & optimise their technical setup for search engines. The following case study showcases our approach to their deliverables & the solutions we implemented.

Upon engagement our first port of call was to deliver a technical audit of their site adhering to a 141 point checklist that was designed according to their e-commerce platform, tool usage & theme optimisations.  We structured the audit into 3 sections - Analytics, Indexation & On-Page (the primary areas addressed being crawlability, indexability & site speed which are all core components of driving organic rankings).

We uncovered a number of key Magento configurations that were hindering indexing ability & speed. We worked with the development team to improve caching, installed a new internal site search tool & removed unused code libraries.

Following the implementation of our technical recommendations, speed improvements, content optimisations & backlink diversification strategy, Pavilion Broadway saw a steady return to their former glory & were on an upward trajectory to achieving stronger organic rankings & all time high organic revenues (reporting an 85% uplift).

Work With Us

Most agencies, unfortunately, view pricing as antagonistic: a win-lose relationship with customers in that what one party gains the other loses, or so goes the weakly held assumption.  Our performance-based model creates complete alignment between buyer & provider goals.  It ensures that our clients will only ever pay a quantifiable percentage of the financial value our work drives.   For us, we feel it’s our  responsibility to deliver what is needed at a business level.  We pride ourselves on our ability to measure, articulate & prove the value of our work.  Our clients pay for performance & nothing more. 

If you’ve a project in mind & you would be interested in potentially working together, let’s have a chat…