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Your unoptimized shopping funnel is leaving cash on the table. We'll audit your pages & provide optimized designs that will increase your CVR, AOV & CLTV where possible.

  • DD Before After

    Desmond & Dempsey


    1. Add all available color options to the PDP to reduce the number of steps users take to view & select their desired color. By streamlining the user journey & enhancing the shopping experience it will reveal options users may not have known were available, appealing to more users & increasing conversions.
  • OUI the People Comparison

    OUI the People


    1. Decrease the image size by 20% to ensure all key messaging is above the fold.
    2. Add a tag to communicate the products use case.
    3. Add a subscribe & save CTA to encourage subscription sign ups & increase LTV.
    4. Add iconography to improve readability on mobile & communicate why it works.
    5. Add star reviews above the fold with a jump link that users can click.
  • Ikonick before after



    1. Added the ability to unlock offers based on cart value.
    2. Progress bar clearly communicates the offer that’s been unlocked.
    3. Messaging upsells another product to reach the next offer tier.
    4. Continue shopping button allows for more items to be added to the mini-cart.
  • Navygrey Comparison 2



    1. Decrease the image size by 20% to ensure all key messaging is above the fold.
    2. Add star reviews above the fold with a jump link that users can click.
    3. Add scarcity messaging via a “Last few remaining” tag.
    4. Add iconography to communicate the resonating value points of the product.
    5. Clearly communicate the ability to pay in 3 instalment via Klarna below the add to cart.
  • Loftie Comparison 2



    1. Add Wirecutter product of the year badge to improve social trust.
    2. Improve the color selector UX by adding samples of each color rather than text.
    3. Add warranty upsell to the PDP to improve AOV.
    4. Add a sticky ATC button.
    5. Add a product carousel & remove the product images to ensure all key messaging is above the fold.
  • YSE before after

    YSE Beauty


    1. Added a Free Shipping progress bar for clear visual indication.
    2. Increased prominence of the free sample carousel.
    3. Convenient gift message toggle.
    4. Added an optimized up-sell carousel.

What's Included

Audit of your shopping funnels

Heatmap & scroll depth analysis

GA4 event data analysis

Data to justify changes

On brand optimized designs

Access to Figma file

Developer ready Figma files

Zoom presentation of the audit

1 round of optimization updates

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Home pages, collections, PDP, mini-cart & checkout.

Yes, we will need access to your heat map, scroll depth tracking & GA4 event data to conduct the audit.

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The audit will take 10 full working days to turn around from the day we receive access to your data. If we need to setup heat maps & GA4 event tracking, we'd recommend a 4 week data collection period prior to us conducting the audit.