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Iakoe x GLDN

Case study


GLDN is a jewellery brand that makes personalized pieces that are handmade to order. Since their humble Etsy beginnings, the brand has organically grown into a collective of talented creators who are taking the DTC world by storm. GLDN engaged us to lead their CRO & SEO strategy to improve their marketing efficiency & decrease CAC. Here’s a number of insights into the tactics we deployed...

Scope of Work
  • User experience design
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Web development
Live Site
Gldn main Gldn main

Optimizing site search

Users that interact with site search have a significantly higher intent to buy than those that don’t. Previously on mobile, site search wasn’t available to users as they scrolled collection pages which led to the functionality being underutilized within the shopping experience. We added a sticky search bar to the NAV to ensure that search was available to users to interact with regards to the scroll depth on mobile which resulted in a 15% uplift in conversion.


Developing collections filtering functionality

The filtered collections pages on the site were previously driving a high amount of impressions in Google Search Console but were unable to rank as they didn’t have a unique page title, meta-description or H1. We built out static URLs for each relevant filter & optimized the meta-data, H1 & on-page copy to drive an uplift in search visibility for longer-tail, commercial intent keywords that the brand previously wasn’t ranking on page 1 for.


Introducing dynamic delivery dates

The legacy PDP displayed how long each piece of jewellery would take to be handcrafted but didn’t communicate when the user would receive the product if they purchased it today. We optimized the PDP with dynamic delivery dates relevant to each product which drove an uplift of 17% across mobile devices.


Leveraging UGC in the checkout

One of the primary advantages of upgrading to Shopify Plus is that it enables merchants to customize their checkout experience. We overhauled GLDN’s checkout (that was previously the default unoptimized version available to Shopify & Shopify Advanced merchants) to reinforce the brand’s popularity by leveraging beautiful UGC imagery of their handcrafted jewellery at the final stage of the conversion funnel which resulted in a 11% uplift.



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The iakoe team is outstanding in every way. Their expertise, clear communication, & project management set them apart. They are truly invested in the success of our business.
Chrissy Lavdovsky
Chrissy Lavdovsky