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Iakoe x Gossamer

Web design & build


Gossamer engaged us to design & build their new website with the vision of translating their editorial experience into a high converting Shopify store. Here’s a breakdown of the tactics we deployed.



The shopping experience on the legacy site was a hindrance to conversion. The brand’s customers shop with an outcome in mind (i.e. buying THC for improved sleep, increased energy etc) but the user experience didn't reflect that. Users were required to click on each product to better understand what it did which resulted in high bounce rates. We opted to redesign the NAV to shorten the user journey & to create an intuitive shopping experience by helping users find the relevant product as quickly as possible (grounded in the logic of providing a “shop by outcome" journey).


The shop section of the legacy site was on a subdomain ( which meant the domain authority on wasn’t being passed to their PDP pages & they weren't ranking for high traffic commercial intent keywords they should be.The brand has an authoritative backlink profile but it wasn’t being leveraged correctly through a well planned site archtecture & as a result their organic search channel was underperforming. Our advice was to build the new site with a revised site structrue to effectively channel the authority of the backlink profile to PDP pages



77% of Gossamer's users are on mobile devices which meant designing a responsive end-to-end experience around the most popular screen dimensions was critical to ensuring their website experience lived up to that of their beautiful quarterly editorial magazine. We analysed the device type data in Google Analytics over the previous 12 months to inform how each page would respond across all devices & performed user testings to ensure it was seamless.


We set up custom event tracking across the site to ensure the brand was collecting a wealth of data in Google Analytics 4 to inform their future optimisation decisions & allocation of ad spend. Attribution & tracking are becoming increasingly more problematic for brands & in a challenging economic climate (along with the sunsetting of GA3) there has never been a more important time for brands to own their first party data.


We wanted to ensure we didn't lose sight of the fun element to the Gossamer brand by creating a set of custom GIF icons that represented each of the collection categories to add a sense of playfulness to the UX. At it's core, Gossamer is about enhancing one's experience whilst high & we wanted to do the same for user's as they interact with the site's navigation across both desktop & mobile devices.



The legacy site lacked the ability for users to subscribe to products which obviously was detrimental to increasing LTV & maximising subscription revenue for the brand. We integrated the new site with Recharge to ensure users had the ability to subscribe & but also select the frequency of which they wanted to receive their next order, both supporting increasing LTV & decreasing churn through self-selecting their order frequency.


Shopify themes are typically heavily reliant on javascript when it comes to the expandable accordions that are used for sections such as FAQs, benefits, product information etc. However, javascript is x13 times harder for Google to crawl than HTML which given the fact these sections present the most opportunity for long tail keyword optimisation, is problematic. Instead, we decided to code the accordion in HTML to ensure Google Bot can easily crawl these sections & rank the pages for long tail keywords, maximising the organic search traffic driving potential of each PDP.



To improve AOV, we leveraged Shopify’s AI within the mini-cart to suggest complimentary upsells based upon what product a user added. Gossamer’s product range has many naturally synergistic SKUs & over time as the AI learns what users are most frequently purchasing together, will incrementally improve AOV.


Gossamer’s previous mini-cart experience lacked gamification & limited the brand’s ability to further improve AOV by encouraging users to purchase additional items to unlock free shipping. We designed a progress bar in the mini-cart that showcased how close a user was to unlocking free shipping & signalled when the threshold was reached, increasing AOV by 13%.



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We have a sense of what we want, we have a sense of how we want it to look & we have a sense of what we want our customers to experience. But, at the end of the day I want know what are the best practices, what do you know from working across all of these brands that we can leverage to make Gossamer even more successful & that is ineffable. I can't get that anywhere else.
Verena von Pfetten
Verena von Pfetten

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