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Iakoe x Maude

Case study


Maude is a modern sexual wellness company that is on a mission to make intimacy better - for all people. Maude engaged us to lead their SEO strategy, optimize their site from a technical perspective & partner with their editorial team to unlock the full potential of their investment in content. Here’s a breakdown of some of the tactics that we deployed…

Scope of Work
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Internationalization
Live Site
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Content optimization

Prior to working with us, Maude had already created a best in class editorial experience but the content calendar had been determined by instinct & not informed by keyword data. Combining both would enable them to exponentially scale their organic search traffic & maximise the ROI of their investment in content. We used Google Search Console data to analyze the clicks & impressions across all historic article pages over the past 6 month period. Based upon how each piece had performed we then bucketed the URLs into a content optimization roadmap that focused on quick wins, short term & long term optimization opportunities (along with consolidate & noindex based on pieces that were too similar or not driving any clicks or impressions). Maude had hundreds of articles & we wanted to ensure our strategy focused on finding the fastest route to value. We prioritized working to the cadence of 16 content optimization briefs per month, providing the editorial team with recommendations for each piece that included technical updates, additional subtopics, keywords & contextual linking suggestions.


Resolving technical issues

Maude’s home page accounts for 77% of the backlinks to their site & is their most authoritative page. However, the challenge was that the product carousel on the brand’s home page was linking to variant URLs which are non-indexable, meaning PageRank wasn’t being passed to the canonical URL. A quick win was to ensure all products showcased on the homepage linked to the canonical URL & as such passed the authority to the indexable page.


Internal linking

Historically, the brand’s PDPs had underperformed in the SERPs as they’d failed to leverage the strength of their backlink profile due to the variant URL being linked from the home page & a lack of internal links being implemented throughout the site (funnelling that authority to their PDPs). We developed an internal linking strategy & focused on adding contextual links from their most authoritative pages to their highest margin products & doubled down on building additional backlinks to these pages through the brand’s PR partners.


Introducing features for improved localization

Maude’s international web presence calls for localized presentations in different markets. They needed to manage country-specific releases, make SEO improvements, as well as launch geographical marketing & content. We created a flexible theme experience across regions, utlizing theme settings to enable the team to switch features on-and-off for different markets. These include choosing different apps, localized scripts, analytics tracking, & more. With the Orbe Shopify app, & Hreflang Manager, we synced content (products, pages, collections) between regional stores, creating support for 1-to-1 page redirects. This allows for customers to navigate between regional sites (& markets) directly from their current page. The results is a smooth experience both for the customer & internal Maude team, to attain their international expansion goals.



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“Often when you hire an agency, you don't necessarily always feel like they ask all they all the right questions or they're really looking holistically at the whole world you're building & iakoe do that. They teach us more about our potential than even we see at times. The level of expertise they bring to the table gives us so much more value than I ever thought we could get without an in-house hire.”