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Iakoe x Ring Concierge



Ring Concierge engaged us to lead their CRO strategy to improve their conversion rate. Here’s a few insights into the tactics we deployed...



Users that interact with site search have a significantly higher intent to buy than those that don’t. Previously on mobile, site search wasn’t available to users as they scrolled collection pages which led to the functionality being underutilised within the shopping experience. We added a sticky search bar to the NAV on mobile which resulted in a 15% uplift in conversion.


We set up custom event tracking across the site to ensure the brand was collecting a wealth of data in Google Analytics 4 to inform their future optimisation decisions & allocation of ad spend. Attribution & tracking are becoming increasingly more problematic for brands & in a challenging economic climate (along with the sunsetting of GA3) there has never been a more important time for brands to own their first party data.



The legacy PDP displayed how long each piece of jewellery would take to be handcrafted but didn’t communicate when the user would receive the product if they purchased it today. We optimised the PDP with dynamic delivery dates relevant to each product which drove an uplift of 17% across mobile devices.


76% of the brand’s traffic is on mobile devices & on their legacy PDP their “free 30 days returns policy” was burried 5 scrolls deep. After analysing their scroll depth tracking we realised users simply weren't seeing it. It presented a major opportunity to decrease a user’s potential buying concerns should a user be dissatisfied with the product. We rearranged the hierarchy calling out the resonating value below the Add To Cart button.



The legacy size guide was clunky & unfit for purpose. We overhauled the design to make the experience feel intuitive & seamless to the shopping experience by providing users with clear instructions as to how they could measure their ring size along with trying on their favourite ring.



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