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Iakoe x Sol de Janeiro

Case study


Sol de Janeiro is a Brazilian inspired beauty brand that creates products that celebrate the lush, natural diversity of the country. Their formulas combine luscious textures & delicious fragrances that transport you to that blissful peak summer feeling. The brand engaged us to lead their organic search strategy & optimize their website to drive non-brand traffic. Here’s a breakdown of some of the tactics that we deployed…

Scope of Work
  • Search engine optimization
Live Site

Rethinking the website architecture

The brand’s information architecture was hindering their ability to distribute their overall domain authority throughout the site. A number of key pages were 4 clicks away from the homepage (or not linked at all) which meant that search engines were finding it difficult to locate & index them. We implemented a mega-nav architecture to maximise crawl budget & ensure both users & search engines could reach any page in 2 clicks or less.


Content research & strategy 

We conducted an in-depth keyword, competitor, & content gap analysis to identify quick win & longer term target keywords, whilst also mapping out educational topics that users were actively searching for online. The content pillars we implemented combined trend-led pieces, how-to’s, seasonal beauty tips & sustainability specific topics.


Content hubs

We implemented content hubs onsite to improve UX by serving content that was easy for both users & search engines to find. We also connected hub pages & subpages using relevant internal links to help build semantic relationships between the content to boost topical authority.


PDP optimization

Out of the box Shopify themes are often heavily reliant on javascript when it comes to the expandable accordions that are used for sections such as FAQs, product ingredients etc. However, javascript is harder for search engines to crawl than HTML which given the fact these sections present the greatest potential to drive additional traffic to these commercial intent page’s we decided to overhaul the code in HTML to ensure search engines can easily crawl the content. Simultaneously, we conducted keyword research for all products to identify long tail keywords to optimize each PDP for to maximise the organic search traffic driving potential of the commercial intent pages.



YoY Organic Revenue





I really think of you all as an extension of our team, which is exactly the type of partnership that I wanted. We are a small brand & we need a lot of flexibility from our partners, all of which you've offered in spades which has been really phenomenal.