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Iakoe x Kencko

Case study


Kencko is a smart food brand, reinventing organic fruit & vegetable products to help people eat healthier, & waste less. The brand’s no-fuss instant smoothies make it easy to add fruit & veg to your daily routine. Kencko engaged us to redesign their shopping funnel to improve their conversion rate. Here’s a breakdown of some of the tactics that we deployed…

Scope of Work
  • User experience design
  • Conversion rate optimization
Live Site
Kencko main Kencko main

Removing friction points

Kencko’s legacy website required users to login & subscribe prior to being able to checkout. The experience was creating friction points in the journey & the user drop off rate prior to checkout was problematic & significantly higher than we’d expect. We redesigned the shopping funnel to remove the need to login & subscribe, enabling users to add products to their minicart & proceed to checkout seamlessly.


Mobile first without sacrifice

Kenkco’s customer demographic skews heavily towards mobile which meant designing for phones first (based on the most popular screen dimensions) & conducting extensive testing across browsers & devices to ensure the user experience was flawless.


Calling our resonating value points

Shopper’s need to quickly understand a brand’s value proposition at a product level & why it is superior to other options they’re considering. We redesigned the PDP to call out the resonating value points via icons such as no refined sugars, no artificial sweeteners, usda organic etc.



Conversion Rate


Cart to Checkout Conversion


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The iakoe team are truly the best in the business. Thoughtful, smart, efficient & totally invested in the business goals. They are a true pleasure to work with.
Kelly Deen
Kelly Deen